Escape room game scenario: SOS

Escape room game scenario: SOS

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Escape room game story:

After a major earthquake in Mariana Trench in the Pacific Ocean, 250 miles east of GUAM the research team of the Oceanographic station VITHOS (VERTICAL INSTITUTE of TRENCH HOME OBSERVATORY STATION) , located 2 miles underwater at the edge of the Mariana Fore-Arc, starts observing strange lights and creatures coming from the bottom of the Trench along with deep Abyss sounds.
Communication via DMI (direct messaging interface ) starts out of nowhere by strange, unreadable characters on the screen that make no sense ... what is the message the strange/alien guests are trying to pass on to you?
You have 60 mins before another major earthquake hits the Trench and communication is lost forever.

Number of chambers: 4 

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It includes story, puzzles , 3D layout drawing , flat layout drawing, poster, pictures link, main items link, clues, after sales service until you finished your game.

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All the E-props are used in the game. 

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Such as decorations, lock and box etc that are used in the game