Escape room game scenario:  Area 51

Escape room game scenario: Area 51

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Escape room game story:

You and your team enter a bunker, which belonged to AREA 51, used as a military base, a laboratory where they develop secret projects during the Second World War In 1947, the year of the Roswell incident, an unidentified object fell in the surrounding of the military base located in Area 51. You and your team have been sent to investigate and elucidate the mystery behind the objects recovered after the accident.  Upon entry you trigger the self-destruct system of the laboratory, a message coming from what sound like an old robot warns you and an electronic clock timer keep the tension at maximum during the next hour. You hear a constant beep coming from an old compute, you have to insert the deactivation code and manage to escape in time, before the self-destruct system sets off. Your main objective is to investigate the laboratory, to disable the self-destruct sequence and manage to escape in 60 minutes, all that by solving a series of games and puzzles that will test you to your limits. And by advised, you and your team will not be the only inhabitants of the laboratory, somebody, or something will be there with you.....

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It includes story, puzzles , 3D layout drawing , flat layout drawing, poster, pictures link, main items link, clues, after sales service until you finished your game.

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All the E-props are used in the game. 

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Such as decorations, lock and box etc that are used in the game