Escape room game scenario: Alien

Escape room game scenario: Alien

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Escape room game story:

A day seemingly like any other, in the sleepy. A nurse (Nurse X ), working at the PROSECTORIUM of New York's Knickerbocker Hospital, was going about her usual routine over the long July Fourth weekend, when she stumbled onto a scene that shook her to the core.

In search of supplies, she had opened the door to an examination room and seen two strange doctors bent over the bodies of three small, human-like creatures. The bodies were too small, their arms too spindly, and their heads too bald and big. The physicians quickly enlisted the nurse's help and the autopsies continued until all involved were overwhelmed by the smell from the rotting bodies.

Nurse X returned to the base and shared her experience with her friend Dennis. The next day her friends tried to contact her but were told she had been transferred. And still later "the rumor was," says Dennis, "that she went down in a plane on a training mission."

You are reporters sneaking in the hospital from the personnel entrance after the incident on the evening of the 5th July. The examination room is almost empty – or so it seems… Try to find and collect as much evidence of the incident as possible, before the military personnel returns and... arrest you for trespassing.

You have 60 mins to solve the mystery and find the evidence.​

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It includes story, puzzles , 3D layout drawing , flat layout drawing, poster, pictures link, main items link, clues, after sales service until you finished your game.

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All the E-props are used in the game. 

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Such as decorations, lock and box etc that are used in the game